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Social Skills

  • Emma's Friendwich (making friends)
  • Camille's Team (cooperation)
  • Percy Listens Up (listening)
  • Freda Says Please (being polite) 

Emotional Skills

  • Good Job, Ajay! (building confidence)
  • Percy Gets Upset (dealing with frustration)
  • Freda Stops a Bully (dealing with bullying)
  • Great Choice, Camille! (making decisions) 

Health & Safety Skills

  • Percy Plays it Safe (playground safety)
  • Freda Is Found (getting help when lost)
  • Happy, Healthy Ajay (healthy habits)
  • Scrubba Dub, Carlos (washing your hands)

Cognitive Skills

  • Freda Plans a Picnic (sequencing)
  • Write On, Carlos! (writing your name)
  • Left, Right, Emma! (knowing left and right)
  • Percy's Neighborhood (knowing your community)


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